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Home Office

Right now, working from home seems to be the current reality. Many of us weren't prepared for this and must make do with using space that may be less than desirable. It gets much more interesting if more than one person is working from home. (Hopefully you're the one with the largest desk and most comfortable chair)!

Consider the following to make your setup more pleasant and productive:

  • Soundproofing - needed so you can sound professional on phone and video conferences without disruptive external noises. It's all about privacy and quiet.
  • Wi-Fi - having a solid internet and high speed internet connection is necessary for any home office.
  • Storage - depending on your job, you may need dedicated storage for papers, sensitive documents or to lock up your equipment to keep away from prying eyes.
  • Lighting - set up your home office to get as much natural light as possible. It can help you feel good and may even boost your productivity. Add task lighting for focus on specific activities.
Investing in a home office setup is an investment in yourself. We can either convert an existing space or build a home addition so you can have a more productive and comfortable working environment.

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