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Master Bath Remodel Houston Chronicle

This Master Bath Remodel article was written by John Gillette and published in the April 14th, 2019 Sunday edition of the Houston Chronicle. If you desire a master bath remodel, call Craftsmanship By John, View our master bath remodel page

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Bathrooms are functional spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a statement with design.  Right now, the most popular design styles for bathrooms are transitional and contemporary.  Transitional design is a blend of modern and traditional elements.  It is a timeless look, a blending of old and new with a relaxed feel. Lighter colors prevail such as white, grays, beiges and blues for walls and cabinets.  Contemporary design is more minimalistic with clean, crisp lines, light colors with elements of darker gray or black.

Master bathrooms have become the most requested bathroom remodels with guest bathrooms and powder baths coming in a close second and third. Over 50% of bathroom remodels stay within the same square footage and layout. However, homeowners will choose to enlarge if extra space can be added by taking space from a closet or moving a laundry room.

Some interesting remodeling trends for bathrooms include European style cabinets, floating cabinets, and open shelving.  Popular shower features are open showers with no doors, double showers with dual showerheads, unique shower floors with linear shower drains and if space allows, a freestanding tub.  Technology innovations for showers include audio touch controls, water temperature presets and steam showers all controlled by Wi-Fi.

Mirrors can make a statement. When choosing mirrors, consider full wall mirrors. They not only make a big impression but make the space seem larger. Mirrors are a way to reflect your style whether you choose framed or unframed, modern or vintage.  Some mirrors offer features with Bluetooth connectivity and have touch controls  play music, check the time, weather, news and other items.

After you remodel your bathroom, it is no longer just functional but becomes more efficient, modern, and enjoyable.  Whether you plan to stay in your home or sell,  a master bath remodel is an excellent investment that will provide a generous return on investment.