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3D Design Remodeling

"The 3 C's of 3D design revealed" was written by Aaron Lytal, Craftsmanship by John and published in the Houston Chronicle on July 1, 2016.

With the advances of modern technology, building has become a more technical field, increasing the knowledge gap between clients and contractors. This is where 3D designs come into play. 3D design helps lower cost, provide additional control, and bring more comfort for both the client and the builder during the process of the design. In the end, these three factors will make the entire process of building a better experience.

Cost: One of the most important factors in all jobs is the final number on the bid before a contract is signed. The more prepared everyone is and the better everyone understands the details of the project, the easier it is to keep costs static. 3D design helps show the client and builder what the final outcome will be for their project - this reduces the chance of costly changes later on in the process. 3D design gives clients a better representation of the final product than ever.

Control: This process gives the client much more control of the design phase of their project. It allows the client to see an almost real-time view of the project and immediately see how their changes will impact the final design. On top of the structural side of the design process, many manufacturers have 3D models of their products that can be input directly into the design so customers can see the exact product that will be going into their home.

Comfort: The easier something is to understand, the more comfortable people are when confronted with a particular subject. In the building and remodeling process, the customer does not always have the ability to read and understand blueprints at the same level as their builder. The 3D designs helps level the playing field. It gives a true idea of what will be going into a project, and a visualization of the finished design that the client will understand and recognize. From the framing up to the finished project, this tool helps. The 3D images you can receive can lift the veil between contractor and client.

The three C's of 3D design" reduce much of the difficulty in the design process, which will help streamline the project itself. They are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of 3D design. See some of our projects that we helped "visualize" for our customers using 3D design software.