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Whats cooking in today’s modern kitchen?

Excerpt of an article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle on October 6, 2016 featuring project photos from Craftsmanship By John.  Interior design trends change over time and when remodeling your home, planning for function is important. Even if you think you may not stay in your home forever, having a layout that is functional Read More

The 3 C’s of 3D design revealed

By Aaron Lytal, Craftsmanship by John published in the Houston Chronicle on July 1, 2016 With the advances of modern technology, building has become a more technical field, increasing the knowledge gap between clients and contractors. This is where 3D designs come into play. 3D design helps lower cost, provide additional control, and bring more Read More

Design a Home Office that Works for You

Home offices are becoming less of a luxury and more of a necessity with more people telecommuting or running their own businesses from their homes. The number of Americans who work from home is in the millions, and with the rising cost of gas and increased traffic causing longer commutes, that number is likely to Read More

What to ask before you begin your remodeling project

  If you’re planning a home remodel, hire a professional remodeler with excellent credentials. According to the Greater Houston Builders Association, the best remodeling results are achieved when qualified remodelers do the work. Ask about these credentials when hiring a professional remodeler:     Insurance All professional home remodelers should be insured and able to Read More

Planning Space for Outdoor Living

Excerpt for an Article in Texas Home and Garden John Gillette, of Craftsmanship By John notes “When it comes to cabinetry, outdoor options are more limited. The best options are stainless steel, marine-grade polymer, and teak. Desirable for their classic good looks, teak cabinets must be custom built for the space and sealed and resealed Read More

Hot Housing Trend: Outdoor Kitchens

Many home owners enjoy the summer months—and sometimes spring, fall and winter, too—with the sizzle of their outdoor grill. But running back and forth between the kitchen and the barbeque can get old quickly. Outdoor kitchens make life easier for those who enjoy grilling their meals and entertaining outdoors, making your deck or patio an Read More

Make Your Home Safe for All Ages

Use these tips to avoid accidents. Your 80-year-old aunt is coming to stay for a few days. You're looking forward to the visit, but realize your home may not be entirely "older-generation" friendly. To help enhance the safety and comfort of your visitor, especially one who may have some of the physical challenges that come Read More

New Year’s Remodeling Expectations

Happy New Year! Now is the time for us to make our home remodeling resolutions come true. No matter where you are in the home remodeling planning process, it’s important that you set your expectations for your home as well as the professionals you will be working with.  Although it’s best to lay out your Read More

Builder Architect Article

The following is an excerpt from an article by Angie Yurch  that originally appeared in Builder/Architect Magazine: “Many of us relish in the fact that we are still living in the same home where our children grew up. As you pour that cup of coffee, you look around and remember all the occasions the family spent Read More

Green Remodeling

Green Remodeling will not only make your home look better but work better. Invest in green remodeling and enhance your health and environment, while saving money on energy bills. In the kitchen pictured, all materials from reclaimed hardwood floors to bamboo cabinets exemplify green building standards Read More

Turn Your Bathroom into an Inviting Spa

You deserve a space of your own where you can sit back, relax and shut out the rest of the world. Creating a spa bathroom can fulfill all of these wishes! When creating your perfect spa bathroom, it is time to look beyond the ordinary. An absolute must for most people putting in a spa Read More

Going Beyond the Basics

An excerpt from an article by Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, appearing in Remodeling Today Choosing the right professionals is more than just finding the remodeler or decorator with the lowest price. It is even more important that the company you choose to work with is the right company for you. There have Read More

Relocate or Remodel

An excerpt from an article by Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, appearing in Remodeling Today: The economic conditions of the past few years have thrown a monkey-wrench into plans and dreams for so many homeowners. Unfortunately many of us have had to adjust our goals and re-plan our futures. With the real estate Read More

Why Now

An excerpt from an article by Lorraine Hart, President of Ideal Consulting Services, appearing in Remodeling Today: Sometimes we allow forces outside of us to dictate our decisions, plans and actions. This has never been as true as it has been in this current economic climate. Unfortunately some of our decisions, especially those based on Read More